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We create the look you choose...

We create the life we choose

I chose to be an Optometrist more than 25 years ago, and I created my life around that.
I chose to run a practice in Grootbrak River, therefore I am now creating my life around that. Every person that crosses your path, has a potential influence in the life that you are creating for yourself, your personal life, your business life and in your family life.

Right now -

  • You have a choice where you want to test your eyes
  • You have a choice for what you are prepared to pay
  • You have a choice of how you create your life in the way you see things
  • Allow us to be part of that choice, and you are one step closer to the vision you want

Being part of a family of 6, where everyone wore glasses or contact lenses, affordable eyewear was always an important part of our family life. It became a big part of my business for the last 25 years and will remain that way. 

When you visit us, be sure of friendly, professional and affordable services and products.

Mignon Smit 
B.Optom (RAU) FOA (SA) CAS (USA)

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